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Strong Faith, Real Hope and Genuine Love

At North Highlands, God meets people where they are and moves them along the spiritual path at their own pace. So we invite you to ask questions, seek answers, and discover truth with us. Because here's the big thing, as you respond to the truth you will find what you are looking for and be transformed by the power of God into the person you were always meant to be.


We meet every Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 a.m. and LifeQuest at 9:00 a.m.  LifeQuest is what we call Sunday morning small groups. They are always open and here is a list of the groups.


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What's Happening This Week in LifeQuest

Continuum, led by Jeremy Collings

We have been building the narrative of God much like you would a house.  Over the last few months, we have laid a foundation in Genesis 1-3 and highlighted seven building blocks in that foundation: 1) human reasoning vs. God’s revelation, 2) delayed judgment, 3) enmity, 4) a promised seed, 5) deceit or death, 6) pain in childbirth, and 7) the cursed earth.  The entire structure of God’s story will rest on top of this foundation!  Last week, we examined the heart of self-righteous religion as seen in the life of Cain.  This coming Sunday we will look at the origins of society.  To prep for the coming class, read Genesis 4:16-26 with that foundation in mind.

Women of the Word, led by Bobbie Keith

Since the beginning, humanity has looked for someone to save it! The Scriptures speak of One who would not only fix our brokenness, but will fix and redeem all of creation. This is our hope. How will we recognize His coming? In Luke 17, Jesus addresses both the Pharisees and His disciples in seemingly contradictory terms. He is speaking of two comings. In the first coming, He initiates His kingdom. Though it begins small, it has transforming power and will soon impact the world. When He comes again in glory and majesty, He will complete what He has started! Join us next week as we discuss the signs of His second coming.

Cornerstone, led by Lance Keith

Matthew 5:17-20 sets forth the relationship of Christ as the one who will fulfill the requirements of the Law in its totality, as the perfect sacrifice. He is the only one who is righteous and therefore the only one qualified to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. All are condemned unworthy, including the Sadducees and Pharisees. He alone is righteous. This is one of the pivotal passages in Matthew. He moves from the beatitudes and the character of those who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven to explaining the true spiritual demands of the Law. In so doing he condemns all men as unworthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven based upon the “righteousness of man.”

The Combo, led by Jed Ostoich

As we’ve worked our way through the first part of Solomon’s book of Proverbs, we’ve begun to get a picture of what his concept of wisdom looks like. It begins with a right orientation to God—submitting to his authority, and accepting his direction. Only when we’ve situated ourselves in submission can we hope to find godly wisdom. Last week we saw how Wisdom was integral to life in the Garden of Eden, and that living in God’s wisdom promises a return to that kind of peace. Join us this week as we investigate the effects of wisdom in our daily lives.


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